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CurriVi Team have an adequate background in the area of Job Consulting, we are in the market for the past 3 years. We have done a research with students to sharp their career with choices of field.

The 20% Students are getting job through campus selection, what about the remaining students???

Why the students should subscribe Currivi E-magazine for a while????

  • Currivi motivates young people to consider options they may previously have thought were unattainable by opening up a rich world of career opportunities.
  • Currivi Supports students to help them make informed decisions about their future.
  • Students Can easily understand the job market
  • Students can identify their potential in the market
  • Students can easily transform from Job seekers to Picky Choosers through CurriVi
  • Currivi added value to your job search, career or life at different times.
  • You can discover your strength to find out a good job through Currivi.com
  • Currivi.com shapes the students’ career skill
  • Currivi is simple and easy to use for students, job seekers and Employers.
  • Currivi is going to prove that has helped a millions of people with their career choices
  • Students/Job seekers require knowledge of industries, companies, and job roles when planning for their careers through CurriVi.
  • Students/ job seekers must have research skills. The CurriVi will scrutinize your research skill by finding out the variety of jobs and its choices.
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