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An easy way to post your Job advertisement at No COST!!!!

“CurriVi e-Magazine freshly launched a new technique for students, job seekers and general public to find their better career. This online e-Magazine acts as a best recruitment consultants. We provide a lot of job openings available in all sectors with HR contact details and also plays a great role in putting the right candidate right time (Recruitment) that are happening in the city. We have streamline recruitment process that will step-up their career growth. We assure that we will be a best chap in your job hunting process for required days”.

With Currivi-

  • No Middleman Consultancy - Get directly contacted with the job seekers
  • In case any emergency Corportaes can contact us to get immediate profiles

Benefits of Posting AD with us

  • Through your Job Post AD you will be in Eyes and Brains of many Experienced, Freshers job seeekers as well the students and other corporates also
  • HR of companies can write their views to the society under “Voice corporate expert”
  • The candidates will contact HR directly after seeing the AD since CurriVi provides contact information to the job seekers
  • Target a huge audience through the use of our online job board and attracts tonnes of job applicants
  • The World Wide Web is accessible 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week, wherever you may be, meaning candidates don't have to wait till 9am Monday morning to ring up and apply, ensuring a much higher response rate to your vacancies
  • Also ease out your hiring process with unwanted profiles elimination
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