The word currivi Derived from Curriculum Vitae.

Currivi.com is an online Electronic Magazine which has of pool of jobs in India with career enhancement solutions for students and Job seekers.

Yes, it is an E-copy (Not a Hard Copy) which will help the jobseeker/Student community to become user-friendly with computer.
CurriVi will help each jobseeker/Student in a life log and it is not the magazine to throw or resale for any tea shop to pack Bajji, Bonda etc...
Jobseeker/Student wants to download from email or CurriVi website and they can fold into their Computer

If you are the Currivi.com subscriber the magazine will arrive into your inbox between 1st - 5th of every month and it will be personally notified.

You can view and apply more than 600 jobs in a year with the HR contact number and their Email ID
Increasing the employability skill of a person by increasing their reading attitude. (The above skill is well tuned by the blogs posted by academic experts and corporate experts)
Self advertisement by posting your article in the magazine with your photo and about yourself.

Size: 2 GB- 5 GB (Size will be vary)
Format: PDF
Number of Pages: 20 pages to 30 pages (Depends, but sure more than 20 pages)

CurriVi E-magazine acts as a platform to identify the true jobs and guides the subscriber to prepare and face the Job era in the future.

Currivi acts as a transparent messenger between the Industry and jobseekers/student community and this is the first online E-magazine job portal. We concentrate on the development and not in the COMPARISON.

CurriVi strives to pool all the jobs from India and listing under concerned job sector. Currivi provides the HR /Industry contact number and Email ID to contact with concerned people for the respective job posting and shrink the time to place in a proper job.

Currivi covers almost all the job sectors like Banking, Insurance , Financial and Consulting services , Construction and Infrastructrure, Education, Engineering and Manufacturing, Hospitals and Healthcare, Hotel, IT & ITES, KPO/BPO/Call Center/Ecommerce/Medical Transcription, Logistics and Transportation, Media and Communication, Oil and Gas, Power and Energy, Retail and Automobile, Apparels

CurriVi’s motto is “Eradication of Unemployment” by developing the employability skill within a person to fit in a job quickly.

Answer is NO! but we provide the best key to unlock all the hurdles related to job seeking so that YOU can be placed in your dream job effectively. We give excellent opportunities to identify and address the jobs and Job Oriented skill to hire and to become a successful Employee/ Entrepreneur.

You will only be able to read the issues that are published during your subscription period. If you would like to read older issues, you need to buy them separately.

No, It is absolutely free. Unlimited jobs can be posted at free of cost.

Currently in two different ways you will receive the profiles.
CurriVi team will share the complete resumes with their phone number and contact email ID.
Candidates themselves will apply for your job advertisement through which you can access their profile.

Yes, It will be not for now. Back ground works are happening for this, until be patience and we shall share the detail soon once it has been launched.

1. Our motto : “Eradication of Unemployment” currently we could find companies with unfilled employees we help them by conducting PLACEMENT DRIVE which is absolutely free of cost.
2. Branding your company not only through Social media, through CurriVi magazine too. We have three main ideas to be shared to enrich your knowledge.
A. Corporate Insight: this is the main feature of the magazine; it carries the company’s mission, vision, and job vacancies.
B. Autobiography : we not only concentrate on jobs but also in BUSINESS this segment talks about the Successful Entrepreneur’s successful story with their company name
C. Corporate Voice: This column of our magazine, speaks about the advices and experiences of an HR or a successful employee to the job seeker and student community.
3. Resumes for free, easing the recruitment process.

Yes! They can subscribe our magazine by registering with Currivi.com.

Yes , the link will be shared to your email ID which will lead download your CurriVi emagazine

Yes, It is, but we hope we are trying to do some better thing to the society, the same our client, customer will help us to go forward.

. Yes, we used to list all the jobs from the entire job sector, but posting only the current jobs, not any non existing jobs in the job market

You can find your sector wise, or if you want as per the designation or job description by taking the find button in PDF (Press Ctrl+F and put your keyword)

Yes, it is, but we hope we are trying to do some better thing to the society, the same our client; customer will help us to go forward.

This magazine is very helpful for the student sector.
We list more than 600 jobs with contact.
The magazine always arrives with the message and article about personality development.
Word power segment will improves your soft skill ability.
Improving letter writing skill and entrepreneur skill by the specific article which is published in the magazine

If you are a Currivi e-magazine subscriber the magazine will arrive into your inbox quarterly and it will be personally notified. Also there will be job notification often.

Size: 5 MB- 50 MB (Size will be vary)
Format: PDF
Number of Pages: 20 pages to 50 pages.

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