Eradication of unemployment

 According to employment report

1980 : Lot of people completed their graduation, but No job, No opportunity, Unemployment at its peak.
1991 : This is the period of industrialization, many private and public sector emerged, still unemployment persist.
Today : : Lots of colleges, lots of the people graduated, tons of jobs and opportunities, but still the problem of unemployment issue in India is BI……G

Yes! It’s not unemployment but the period of un- employability.

So what does this period of un-employability mean?

Unemployable means that job-seeker does not possess the prerequisite soft skills and qualities that a specific job demands, in spite of being technically proficient.
15-29 year age group is mostly unemployed
Yet, as our unemployment figures continue to rise almost in every industry, the real problem, as research clearly suggests, is finding suitable candidates to fit the jobs.

(Less Employability skilled candidates: More Jobs)

 Expert’s Report

According to Nasscom’s report of the 37 lakhs of graduates coming out every year only 25% are employable in the IT-BPO sector. Especially when it comes to tech grads only 35-40% is readily employable. The ‘Metro Man of India’ E-Sreedharan quotes a survey according to which only 12% of the current engineering graduates are employable, 56% can be made useful through further training and the remaining 36% were not even trainable. India’s Labor Report – 2012 – It is a report compiled by Team Lease Services Indian Institute of Job Training (IIJT). According to the report enrollment in higher education in India surged to 15.3 million up from 1 lakh in 1947. However 58% of Indian graduates have some degree of un-employability and they lack formal on-the- job exposure.
McKinsey Global Institute Survey – A survey in 2007 was conducted by McKinsey says, of the 360,000 engineering graduates produced in India only 25% are employable. Further of the 600,000 arts/science/commerce graduates only 10% are employable. Also of the 5,000 candidates that register for Ph Ds in science and engineering every year only 100 people complete it successfully.
(These are the reports we published in our website to make our student society to create awareness about what is exactly happening in the job market as per that they can be prepared, it is not for de-motivating any student but trying to find a solution)

Reason for Unemployability

There are lots of reasons for un-employability; we are discussing a few where we can provide solution to our society.

  • Lack of seriousness
  • Lack of English Language
  • No computer Skills
  • Not interested in hard work are chosen for discussion.
  • Inability to apply subject knowledge to real life situations
  • Lack of ownership /cannot work for 8 hours a day
  • Thought of earning is more than learning etc.

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