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K. Bhupesh, Assistant General Manager

Talent Acquisition, Suguna Foods Private limited

Talent Vs Attitude

Yes, "TALENT" is inborn, but not all talented people are successful. Why???. Example : When Courtney Walsh bowled a fierce bouncer to Vinod Kambli who was then 22 years in 1994, the later did not know how to handle it.... subsequently Kambli never played a test match again! Contemporarily though Tendulkar was more talented, and more importantly had the courage to face and tackle those brutal bouncers !


So, beyond a certain point "talent & ability" is the most useless virtue to possess. Talent might open the first door, the second door but not the last door for sure !. What then?. It's "ATTITUDE" - "Where there is a will there is a way". While you are at work talent would be seen far far behind than your work ethics and your passion for performance. What do you do with talent is most important than just possessing talent, and that's "ATTITUDE" Always carry a positive attitude. Wish you all good luck for a glittering career ahead.

Mrs.Vijaya Lakshmi, HR Manager

VWR International LLC

The most enjoyable and cherishable part of anyone's life would be as a student. In this fast growing world, students are always forward looking which is a positive sign for our society. A clear thinking and external focus would be a great catalyst for students to emerge as responsible citizens. Students should look at bringing in inclusiveness to expand their horizon of learning. In order for them to improve their expertise in their area of interest,communication is the key.


Students should look at inculcating a habit of learning as much as possible and become a subject matter expert . They should always be curious and take steps to understand the market. Networking with like minded people makes them to keep abreast of what is happening in the market. It's important to network with social forums and also on the net eg: Linkedin . Peer group association builds a lot of confidence to emerge as a strong individual.

Being resilient will help them to learn and get a great exposure. Its' important to look at unique way of thinking to exhibit innovation. They should have a "can do" attitude and not ignore any opportunity to learn and prove. He / She should always strive to become the best as the industry is constantly looking for the cream of talent. The power of understanding self and others fosters confidence. Proving their meritocracy at any given point becomes an integral part to get into the corporate world.
Wish you all a great success.

Mr. Raj, HR Manager

RufuTech Systems Pvt. Ltd

Finding a job in today’s economy can be tough, but there are opportunities if you know where to look. The best way to find these opportunities is not through online job boards, the classifieds, or employment agencies—it’s by talking to people around you. Your network of friends, relatives, colleagues, and acquaintances is a valuable job search resource. Networking may sound intimidating, but it can be rewarding and fun, even if you’re shy or feel like you don’t know many people.

Vikram Devadas, HR Manager

Velan Info Services Pvt. Ltd

Don’t apply for a job as soon as you find it: When you find a job online that you’re interested, apply only after you do the following: Do some research about the Company, its leadership, job requirement, potential, line of business, etc., You may even make some reference check and if you’re satisfied apply for it. This knowledge will make you sound better during the interview.

Dr.Venugopal, MBA :Director

AJK college of B-School

“The purpose of learning is growth and survive , make yourself as a clean board to draw a picture completely with a define purpose”
“The life will not give any elevator to Success fast, you have to take staircase step by step with your hardwork and with defined goal, your success might be slow but survival will be for whole life”.

Mr.Adal Arasu

MBA, M.Phil., Ph.D, PGDPMIR, HDSE, MISTE, Dean - RVS Faculty of Management

To succeed in life, S is important, i.e,
Systematic approach
Sustainability in their goals
Strengthening the ability
Survival to fittest
Struggle till the Success arise

Dr.R.Jayanthi, Head department of Management science

DR.G.R.Damodaran college of science,Coimbatore

Every Individual is in competition with the self. To travel everyday from impossible to possible is a sure way to taste success.


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